Let's fill every neighborhood with our Walton

Blue this year!

Thank you all for bidding and attending the auction event over the weekend!  
Congratulations to the winners of the auction items and the winners of the raffle door prizes from The Southern Proper Hospitality Group. 
The silent auction was a great success and raised $23,000 towards the Foundation's 2019-2020 goals of continuing the reduction of class sizes, adding to the beauty of the gardens and outdoor areas, and keeping Walton clean on weekends as well with additional custodial staff. 
We appreciate all the support of our Walton Families!  We will continue to paint the town "BLUE" with bows on mailboxes for donors through the end of March.  We have raised a total of $147,566 Towards our goal of $168,000 to keep all 4 part time teachers we hired this year.  If you have not given, please consider doing so.  Click here to donate.

A special thanks to the Black Swan for hosting our group.​


We Will be Painting

The Town Blue Again This Year!

By supporting the Foundation, you are investing in your child’s education, as well as tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers. WHSF is a 501c3 organization.  Any donation made to the Foundation should qualify as tax-deductible.  We appreciate your support!

The Walton High School Foundation provides a distinct and essential role in improving the quality of student education by supporting teachers and administrators, providing up-to-date technology and supplies, and reducing class sizes in core curriculum subject areas to enhance student achievement.  

Faculty Grants funded through our partnerships with Publix and Kroger are available to Walton High School teachers. Your participation in these programs will provide helpful tools and services to the faculty which will enhance and enrich the classroom environment and student learning experience.

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