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Congratulations, Dr. Catherine Mallanda!  

The Walton Foundation is excited that Dr. Mallanda

continues to be a key leader for and member of the

Walton family.  Below are a couple of Q&As with

Dr. Mallanda.  For the full interview, click 


Question: Why are you excited about being the new principal of Walton High School?
Answer: “I’ve been a student, a teacher, an administrator, and now, I’m lucky to be the principal at Walton. This is a community that I obviously know pretty well. I’ve spent half my life there. I think the fact that I’ve done all four roles at Walton is pretty unique. It is a caring community. They pull together and help each other. They want excellence. They strive for excellence. They are very supportive of what we have done over the years.”

Question: What does Walton High School’s future look like under your leadership?
Answer: “I want to continue all the traditions that Walton has and yet look to the future. As a charter school, we are allowed a lot of flexibility to do that. I think one of the things we have always done is innovate, and I want to continue that tradition to make sure we are an innovative school and are looking to the future of what our students are going to need.”

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​Part-time AP Computer Science Teacher is Added to our Faculty

Thanks to the generous donations of our Walton community to the Walton Foundation, we are happy to announce the addition of an AP Computer Science part-time teacher to the staff!  The hiring of this teacher will directly impact our students since there was a current wait list for AP Computer Science this fall.
As we communicated during the school year, WHSF raised enough funds to hire four (4) part-time teachers for the coming school year.  Thank you for your continued support of our students.  Please spread the word so that other classes with waiting lists can be filled by adding additional part-time teachers next year!