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Name a classroom in the new Performing Arts or Academic buildings to secure a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Walton High School.

Last Chance to Buy Your Brick!

The Commemorative Stadium Brick Wall is almost complete!  This week, we had all bricks that were ordered prior to November 4th installed on the wall.
We have a few spots left - don't miss the chance to leave your mark at
Walton High School!  We have approximately 80 spots left with
40 orders placed already. When these commemorative bricks are sold, this will be the end of our sales.   Don't miss your chance to be a part of this lasting legacy!

Buy your Brick HERE!

SLC Raises Funds for W.I.S.H.!

Principal, Catherine Mallanda, and Walton's Student Leadership Council members, Landon Hong, Cole Leingang and Cole Morris (3 of our Varsity Men's basketball players) presented Heather Rees, President of the W.I.S.H Society a check for $1,900.00 to help grant a wish to a youth in Georgia.  SLC raised the funds through the generosity of community members, their Swishes for Wishes tournament and WEB concession sales.

Faculty Appreciation Event!

The Foundation's Student Leadership Council worked with Walton's Tip-Off Club to provide a Faculty Appreciation meal at Friday's games against Roswell.  Our SLC members grilled for and served the staff.  They also created a festive atmosphere where they could dine and enjoy the games.

Tree Planted Honoring Dr Camp

The STEM Advanced Math and Science Program collected donations and planted a tree outside at Walton High School to thank Dr. Camp for her 14 years as a teacher at Walton High School.  
Thank you Dr. Camp! 

Each year the Foundation is able to buy supplies and teaching aids for the teachers and staff at Walton High School.   These efforts are completely funded through the Kroger and Publix reward programs.   Please click here to find out how to link your purchases to these rewards.  Without the help of parents shopping at our local Kroger and Publix stores, we would not be able to offer the Teacher Grants we do each year!  Thank you for your support

Dance Marathon Fundraiser

Walton's Student Leadership Council, Robotics team and our Student Government Association are combining efforts with Georgia Tech students to bring a " For the Kids" event to Walton!

All proceeds benefit Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Every student from Walton is invited to join us for the event.  The theme is "Keeping the Kid at Heart."  Lots of games, music and fun activities are planned for the day that will ensure fun for all.  

Everyone must register to attend the event. The link is below for your convenience.  We will also have computers available to register during lunch hours outside the dining hall on Thursday and Friday. Please join us and support this worthwhile cause for our community.  Students will receive community service hours for participation also.  It's a WIN, WIN for everyone!

Link to register for the Dance Marathon!

Call to Conversation

Call to Conversation, a Foundation initiative to engage with students in thoughtful conversations about issues at Walton began last year and is showing great success in this year's first session.  Students are recommended by their teachers to come and be a part of a discussion on various topics recommended by administration. The Foundation provides lunch, and the counseling department facilitates the discussion.  The first session is information gathering.  After the first meeting, the counselors meet with Administration to share what was learned.  At the second meeting, follow up information is provided, and additional questions may be asked.

By supporting the Foundation, you are investing in your child’s education, as well as tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers. WHSF is a 501c3 organization.  Any donation made to the Foundation should qualify as tax-deductible.  We appreciate your support!

The Walton High School Foundation provides a distinct and essential role in improving the quality of student education by supporting teachers and administrators, providing up-to-date technology and supplies, and reducing class sizes in core curriculum subject areas to enhance student achievement.  

Faculty Grants funded through our partnerships with Publix and Kroger are available to Walton High School teachers. Your participation in these programs will provide helpful tools and services to the faculty which will enhance and enrich the classroom environment and student learning experience.

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