We hope you will support this innovative project.  With everyone's support, we can raise the $23,000.00 needed for the first three (3) of six (6) gardens this fall.  Please consider donating at least $25.00 per student to plant the "seeds" for this project that will blossom for years to come! 

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 • 16’ x 8’ Greenhouse with raised vegetable/ herb beds provides practical exposure to the art, science, technology and economics of horticulture.

 • Aquaponics system for life science experiments

 • Pollinator garden for ecology labs • Student/teacher work tables and benches

 • Inlaid-Stone Compass Rose, an aesthetic component utilized by astronomy classes

CURRICULUM AREAS SUPPORTED: Life Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Science, Biotechnology, CTE, Engineering

• Water and wind features designed by students to create a rejuvenating environment and provide passive energy for the garden 

• Georgia native plantings for fragrance, taste, texture and color 

• Landscape materials, plant selection and storm water retention system designed to create a sustainable micro-environment

 • Seating areas and display pedestals to showcase student artwork

CURRICULUM AREAS SUPPORTED: Health, Engineering, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Creative Writing.

The newly installed Walton sculpture garden is one of the three gardens funded by the Walton Foundation. The twenty-one by forty-three-foot open experimentation garden is designed for students' hands-on exploration of math concepts, vertically integrating across subject areas and facilitating myriad lesson plans. These interactive sculptures, crafted from recycled metal, incorporating pulleys, pendulums, ramps, levers, gyroscopes and pedestals for student art, all built on a concrete layout of the golden rectangle, enable our teachers' development and delivery of innovative lessons and experiments, facilitating student explorations of mathematical principles, as they relate to the fields of art, architecture, science, biology, physics, engineering and technology.


 The Walton Gardens Project exemplifies the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when the passion and skills of many people are dedicated to enhancing the learning environment of our school. The Walton Foundation welcomes the opportunity to partner with this team of visionary volunteers, teachers, administrators, students, businesses and community leaders to make The Walton Gardens a reality.

Plans for the Garden Classroom: This multi functional space offers experienced-based learning with opportunities to develop creative problem solving, communication and collaboration skills. Through scientific inquiry, students explore, analyze, synthesize and evaluate data, gaining competencies across many disciplines. Located adjacent to the Hugh Mcleod Memorial Garden, the Dining Courtyard, and the Eastern Entrance to the building, this space provides a tranquil respite for the entire Walton Community while offering opportunities to explore and apply interdisciplinary concepts. Elements in this garden appeal to all the senses and incorporate the principals of sustainable development and renewable energy generation.



Walton High School Foundation, Inc.

The Walton Gardens

Help us raise $23,000 ($25/student) to keep the project going!