Thank you so much for providing a new electronic balance for my chemistry classroom. This allows smaller lab groups, so each student is more engaged in the lab. I truly appreciate how you support teachers and students at Walton.

Ann Baxley - Honors Chemistry and Physical Science teacher 

Items purchased with the 2017-18 Grant Money from Publix and Kroger donations

Students have lots of fun with interactive learning using the 10 player console buzzer system. Thank you to the Foundation for this valuable resource. 

Maggie Hemmady

Amanda Ryan – Dissection Trays & Accessories and Skull

Maggie Hemmady – Console Buzzer System

Madalyn Murphy – Dropper Vials

Olivia Henderson – Giant Periodic Table

Dan Campagna – Screen Printing Frames

Callie Bryan – Set of 30 Rostam Novels

Jamie Bell – Microscope Slides

Tina Link – Microscope Slides

Vince Mull – Bone Set and Biorad racks

Heather Guiendon – Motion Sensor

Pam Riley – Motion Sensor

Ann Baxley – Balance

Amanda Edwards – Water Kits

Melissa Haehnel - Whiteboard

Every school year, the Walton Foundation raises money through these two grocery shopping programs to grant teachers money to purchase various tools to help in their classroom.

Click on the logos to the left and right to see how to enroll so that your every day grocery purchases will help raise money for the Walton Foundation and give these teachers additional resources to enhance their instruction.

Walton High School Foundation, Inc.

Teacher Grants


Pictured are my students using the Rostam and Suhrab graphic novels in Honors World Literature. The graphic novel makes the epic more accessible and easier to comprehend. Additionally, students use the graphic novel as inspiration for their own symbolic visuals on a one-pager assignment. 

Callie Bryan - English teacher