Walton High School Foundation, Inc.

Swishes for Wishes 

Coach Abney draining one of his many 3 point shots.

TEAM BIG BANK:  Will Chapman; Gray Bradwell; Damien Kipese; Javan Smalls; Coach and Harry Mintz.

Walton’s Student Leadership Council held a 3 v 3 tournament and a 3 point shooting contest called Swishes for Wishes that raised $450.00 for Make a Wish Georgia.

There were 8 teams who competed in the 3 v 3 tournament.  Team Big Bank won.  Each team member will receive an ION 360.  The team members were Javan Smalls, Harry Mintz, Gray Bradwell, Will Chapman and Damien Kipese.  The student champions took on the faculty team consisting of coaches Abney, Goodwin and Staruch….The coaches smoked the student team and are the 2019 school 3 v 3 champs!

Andre Migel won a tight battle for the 3-point shooting contest.  Andre won 4 tickets to the Hawks vs. Bucks game on March 31st. 

​A special thanks to our generous donors for the prizes and to all the students who attended the games and those that participated.  

Walton Students loved watching the game and cheering for the teams!