Walton High School Foundation, Inc.

Here are just a few of the items recently purchased:

  • Large flat filing cabinet for storing art projects
  • Chemistry equipment
  • Money to fund a Choral Clinician to work with the Men’s Choir
  • Photography equipment for the Technology Department
  • “Blue Books” for the English Department
  • Wall size world maps for Social Studies Department
  • Numerous books and teaching tools for the Foreign Language Department

I started a class library - the students have really enjoyed it!" ~ Robin Waibel, English Teacher

Students love the pencil machine!" ~ Taylor Wickline, Media Specialist

"The Document Camera allows me to easily demonstrate labs." ~ Laurie Howard, Science Teacher

Your grocery dollars at work have purchased more than $70,000 worth of equipment, books, CDs and other items to enhance the teaching environment at Walton in the past 8 years.  Selected for purchase from WISH LISTS from each teacher, these educational items were funded by over $70,000 dollars donated to Walton by Publix based on YOUR grocery purchases!!

Publix Partners works on the basic premise that the grocery chain will donate a percentage of dollars spent to the school of your choice.  All that you have to do is use your Publix key fob at checkout (that you can pick up at Walton's front office in the turnstile) and present it each time you make a purchase at any Publix OR simply enter your phone number at the pinpad at checkout (once your online account is linked to Walton) each time you shop.  You don’t make any additional donations; you don’t spend any extra money AND the money you do spend works for Walton and your children.

Sign up for
FREE Publix Rewards:

  1. Click the following link to get started: http://corporate.publix.com/community/corporate-campaigns/publix-partners?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=KCN0249&utm_term=SOLO&utm_content=DIGITAL%20launch 
  2. Simply click on the green “Publix.com account” to set up your account (if you don’t already have one).  Once you sign up, Publix will email an account activation link to you.  Please click on the activation link and it will redirect you to the Publix website to complete your registration.
  3. Once registered, go to My Account, and scroll down to “My Publix Partner” and click “Select A School” and enter “Walton High School, Marietta, GA”, the click the “Select” green button.
  4. Also, under My Account, please go to “My Phone Number” and enter the phone number that you wish to enter at the Publix check-out station. 
  5. Each time you visit Publix, please enter your phone number at checkout, and Publix will automatically give back to Walton High School and support our Teacher Grants Program! It’s that easy!!


Contact Susan Leingang (leingang@mindspring.com) or Jennifer Brennan (jennifernbrennen@yahoo.com)

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