Walton High School Foundation, Inc.

The mission of the Walton High school foundation

The Walton High School Foundation, Inc is a nonprofit charitable organization that supports the students, faculty and administration of Walton High School and enriches the school's educational programs, technology and campus.

Our Goals:

  • To provide Walton High School with supplemental resources to enrich and enhance the student experience through class size reduction, technology advancements and classroom improvements/support.


  • To position Walton High School as the premier high school in Georgia by preparing all of our students to succeed in both core curriculum and elective classes during their high school years and post-graduation.

Cobb County School District and the State provide limited funds to provide an “adequate” education.  WHSF was created to augment resources at Walton by raising funds to provide students and faculty an environment that maintains the highest level of excellence.