Walton High School Foundation, Inc.



The groundwork for a foundation at Walton began in the late 1980's.  At this time, the concept of school foundations were not commonplace. 

In the early 1990s, the Walton Facilities Foundation was founded.  This organization was changed to be called the Walton High School Foundation in Spring of 2014.   

The Walton High School Foundation (WHSF) wanted to operate independently of the Cobb County School District (CCSD) and took careful legal steps to ensure this autonomy and confidentiality.  WHSF operates independently from CCSD and has complete discretion as to the use funds, which are 100% allocated to Walton High School only.

Initially, collected funds were used to improve the facilities to provide a much needed face lift to some public areas of the school (fresh layer of paint, as well as providing furniture for the Front Office, etc).   Focus quickly shifted to wellness and then technology.  Hand sanitizer pumps were installed in all the hallways, as well as other assistive measures as the school had expanded its infrastructure.  Technological needs were addressed to assist with tracking grades and an on-line SAT PREP Course.

With the county budget cuts, the Foundation's focus has recently shifted again to the goal of Class Size Reduction. The support of families over the last two years has allowed Walton's administration to retain as many as 5 part-time teachers.  The funding from last year's campaign will allow administration to retain 3 part-time teachers.  The 5 part-time teachers reduced overall classroom sizes from a potential 31-37 students per class to an average of 26-28 students per class, which is significantly lower than most CCSD high schools.

In addition, the Walton High School Foundation played a significant role in the SPLOST IV process and approval of the complete Walton High School re-build. 

The Foundation has played many roles throughout the years and is highly adaptable to the current needs of Walton High School.  Together with family, student, and staff support, the Walton High School Foundation is committed to the success of our students.