Thank you! The following donors have contributed to the 2019-20 Walton High School Foundation Campaign to reduce class sizes and enhance technology and wellness initiatives for our students for the 2020-21 school year. 

Bronze Level Donors (cont.)


Lisa and Jeff Glickman
Sarah Goldberg

Jihyun Ha
Amy & Randy Hecklinski
Jennifer Henry
Melissa Herring
Corinne Hodges
John & Tara Hurst
Mara Jacobson
Corrie Jamison
K.C. & Lisa  Kadow
Prasanna Katta
Victoria and Brian Kerr
Melanie Landers
Brian & Judith Lee
Michael Leingang
Brian & Kimberly  Leslie
Seth & Mary Litman
Robin & Andy Lorenzen
Ed and Julie  Lynch
Holly Maddox
Ann Maggard
James and Sara Mason
Zhaoqin Meng
Thomas Meyer
Brad & Jen Michaels
Tania and Roberto Moraes
Tim Morey
Lesley Murray
Malin Norgren
Jennifer Novoselsky
stacey ostervold
Girish Palliyil
Dahesh Patel
Shawna Patterson
Alison & Travis Paul
Robin and Will Perry
Lisa Pilger
Anne Marie and James Pitts
Ron and Christina Redman-Solov
Kaylene Rudy-Ladinsky
Cindy and Eric Seeyave
Frini and Ritesh Shah
Ravi and Kristin Sharma
Nicole Shefrin
Manish Shrestha
Kathleen and Andy Smith
Amanda Spence
Dana Stannard
Jill Stewart
Lisa  Stokes
Laura and Marc Story
Scott and Sandy Sweeney
Nona and Kevin Taitz
Harry & Jennifer Tear
Dayna Teichman
Lance and Janet Thomas
Dawn Toporek
Howell and Sarah Towler
Vicki & Jim Tropauer
Yuko Underwood
Cheri Vaniman
MJ Varghese
Perry Walter
Leeann Walters
Kellie Warnick
Loren and Philip West
Ellen Whipple
Stacy and Kevin Wolff
Liang Xu
Yufang Yi
Stephanie Yucius



Thank you to all who have already donated to the Foundation during the 2019-2020 school year.  If you were unable to pick up your 2020 magnet at Orientation, please email us at with your child's name and homeroom teacher and we will get a magnet to you. 

Foundation Friends:
 $100 - $249

Sandra Alford
Rebecca Baumann
Dan & Ilde Buyers
Laura Chapman
Yeonjoo Chi
Lauren Curry
Andy & Meegan Decker
Monica Foster
Michelle Green
Marcia Huff
Ayesha Iqbal
Vince Mokry
Victoria Porter
Abby Provenzano
Alex and Brian Reed
Marcus and Pam Shapiro
shobha shivaram
Mercia Weyand
Fang Yan

Walton High School Foundation, Inc.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Platinum Level Donors:
$5000 +

Gold Level Donors:

​Ted Chipps

Eugene & Allison Liang

Todd & Mary Sheldon

Silver Level Donors

​Ju Castellano

Jill & Jason Connor

Lynn Fought

Jerry & Chris Murphy

Bevin & Brad Newton

Maki Rheaume

Holly & Stephen Smith

Nicole Williams

Andria & Mehmet Yildirim

Bronze Level Donors

Tracy Aiken
Laurie & Mark Aston
Jennifer and George Avaliani
Matt and Missy Bain
Dale Bandy
Billy and Kate Beaty
Eleni & Adam Berger
Ashley Bhatia
Kasey Bittner
Sarah-Kate Bozza
Carla & Jeff Bradwell
Libby Britt
Kay Brown
Toni Brown
Peter & Shandra Brown
Carie and Peter Buchanan
Dan Buyers
Marc and Cindi Cabral
Shannon Call
Jim Carpenetti
Joy and Craig Cartrett
Michael Catanese
Mindi and Danny Cavallo
Shuang Chang
Srinivasa Chareddy
Susan and Terry Childers
Kristen & Greg  Clever
Beverly Cole
Lawrence Cooper
Amy DeMoss
Michelle Dobo
Holly Donovan
Rad and Helen  Downey
Katie Duffy

​Jeffery Dunn
Abby Eichelzer
Sean Ellison
William Elwood
Peter and Amy Feste
Jennifer Fink
Thomas  Foster
Patricia Gibson